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Pastors Thoughts

We live in a time in which technology as being advanced so much. In a world that is so big but at the same time so easy to communicate, to get connected from one continent to another and to the space in a matter of seconds.  And with all the great technology in communication people are feeling disconnected.

There is the great urgency of being in connected to each other, just see around you and you will see people twitting and using face book, sending emails & text or talking on a mobile phone getting connected. But what about our connection with God, what about the great urgency of being connected with God, to know God intimately. Knowing God intimately means much more than just knowing about God.

God wants us to know Him and His love & mercy & goodness… in a very personal and real ways, to enjoy His presence in our lives, and then join Him in His activity & work in and around us.

To know God means:
– to Perceive
– to Learn
– to Understand
– to Recognize
– to Believe
- to Accept His Claims
– to Conform
– to Be Willing
– to Perform or Live
– to See or Experience

Today, let us fulfill our great need of being connected with God and with each other getting reconnected with God through prayer, through the study of God’s Word, the Bible, Romans 10:17 says, “faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ.”

Today, let us consider that you can get to know God better by fellowshipping with other believers, the Christian life was not meant to be lived alone. Today, let us fulfill our great need of being connected with God through our presence in worship and our participation in small groups, through our service in our community, and in future opportunities for witness, and through our generosity in giving.

“Teach me your ways so that I may know you and continue in your favor.”
Exodus 33:13

Rev. Juan Ramos