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Pearl’s Words of Wisdom

As the year 2018 begins we would like to reflect on the past year. It was a very good year at the Thrift Shop. There was a never-ending flow of donations. We tried desperately to sort, price and put the items out for sale, but it was a never-ending task. The workroom is so overloaded that the “worker bees” were “stumbling all over themselves, bumping into each other, as there was no space for them to work. Needless to say, perseverance pays off, and bit by bit they nibbled away at the contents. Unfortunately for the workers, but to the delight of the customers, it was evident that it was time for another “bag sale”. We had three workdays for bag sales. Day one was five dollars a bag, day two three dollars a bag and on the last day a dollar and a free bag. Most of the items were gone.  The leftover knickknacks went to the Goodwill on Tice Street.  The clothes were donated to someone Dan and Brent know who provides clothing for teenagers in need. This made us feel better, as we did not have to put the leftover items in the dumpster.

A funny story – two new “worker bees” Dan Cook and Brent Delair brought in a table with chairs.  It was sold on Saturday.  They wondered who bought it, and were told Steve Cook bought it. Steve is Dan’s brother. Dan said that he would have given it to him.  We all had a good laugh at that.

We continue to be very appreciative for all the donations and all the willing workers.  That is what made 2017 such a successful year in the Thrift Shop.   2017 was a mind-boggling year for our Country, to say the least.  We hope for Peace in 2018.  We must be hopeful.  We are not alone.  God will take care of us.  He will walk beside us on the long road to a happier future.

So, until next time God Bless Us, Each And Every One. 

Pearl Gunderson