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Food Pantry

*** Coronavirus Operational Update***

**All regular volunteers need to be at the church before 8 am and must park in the thrift shop parking area. Volunteers may not have or bring visitors with them.**

**All visitors to the food bank are advised to arrive after 9 am and remain in your vehicle until you receive further instructions**

**Food Distribution Will begin at approximately 9:30 AM**

Operational changes are as follows:

  • All visitors that come for the food bank are to arrive after 9 am.
  • We also ask that they you not be dropped off as they will not be allowed to wait on campus to be picked up.
  • Visitors will not be allowed to enter the building at all.
  • Visitors will not be allowed to approach the delivery truck, if present, or help unload.
  • You will not receive a queue number.
  • Do not form a line or gather in a group
How will you receive food assistance?
—If  you came by car, and we are not ready to begin food distribution, will be asked to stay in your vehicle in designated area and wait for further instructions.
—If you walked, and we are not ready to distribute food, you will wait in the courtyard away from the building and await further instructions.
Where will I need to go when distributions begin?
Pedestrians will receive food on the sidewalk where they usually line up.
There will be several tables and tents to block off the entrance and bilingual volunteers there to hand out the food as they arrive.
We will be distributing food to anyone in a car curbside on Waverly Ln. between the Fellowship Hall and the Thrift Shop. (This is the Handicap parking area for the church.)
Please be advised you must stay in your car and be alert.
Volunteers in this area will be wearing orange safety vests an you will need to listen to their instructions carefully.
You will move from station to station picking up food as you are told to move forward .
Once you have completed the line you will continue on Waverly Avenue and exit on to Palm Beach Blvd. you will not be permitted to turn around.

We will resume normal operating procedures after the crisis has passed. Until then,  you will need to check this page for any updates before arriving .

Wednesdays —


9:30 AM till 11:30 AM (or until the food runs out)

  • Photo I.D. requested for faster service
  • You can come once a month. If additional service is needed during the month you must wait until the line clears before we will provide additional service to you.
  • We serve all of Lee County (please call 211 to locate assistance if you live outside our service area or need immediate assistance)
  • Clients are given canned goods, fresh produce, bread, milk, eggs, dairy, and meat when available

Check out an article on our Mobile Pantry which happens periodically as well!