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Basic guidelines to Worship in the Age of Coronavirus

Dear church, 

We’re a part of creation and we share this creation with viruses. And so, we need to learn how to learn to live with them in a way that makes everyone safe. Let's do our part to stay healthy and safe.
Good hygiene helps prevent the spread not only of coronavirus but also of colds and flu! 

Basic guidelines:

 · When you walk into our church or any other place and greet your friends, don’t do it with a hug or kiss on the cheek. Don’t shake hands, an elbow bump may be a more appropriate way of offering a warm welcome while also staying healthy.
 · Wash your hands frequently – with soap and water and for at least 20 seconds, more is better. 
 · Sneeze or cough into the crook of your elbow, not your hand or better if is tissue and toss it in the trash receptacle. Wash immediately after coughing, sneezing or blowing your nose. 
 · Avoid touching your face, especially your mouth, nose, and eyes, with unwashed hands. 
 · Use hand sanitizer, if available. 
 · Avoid close contact with someone who is sick.
 · Stay home if you are sick. 
Support the changes and practices that minimize the chance of spreading germs. Coronavirus (CoVid-19) is a respiratory illness that causes flu-like symptoms including fever, vomiting and difficulty breathing.
 · If you have any of these symptoms, call your doctor’s office or emergency room. Tell them about any recent travel and your symptoms. 
 · Stay home. Do not travel while sick. Avoid contact with others.
Helpful links: 
 · Short educational video on the “5 Things to Know About COVID-19” https://youtu.be/2OKr53uXhS4 
 · Latest guidance from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) at: http://cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019- ncov/index.html 
Get the facts and restate them accurately: 

Some anxiety is normal, but our anxious minds can easily go into panic mode, that’s why we need to limit media exposure and stick with reliable sources be careful because focusing on catastrophic thoughts and predictions, especially given the examples on social media can fuel panicky feelings.
Instead, see advises sticking to reliable sources of coronavirus information such as the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Be informed about the key safety precautions, and be supportive to others, helping them think more calmly about it. 
Take reasonable precautions. Stay home if you don’t feel well. 
Get enough sleep and take good care of your immune system. 
Reduce your somatic anxiety, (anxiety that we store up in our bodies) Consider taking a walk-in nature, praying, meditating, exercising, or talking to a friend.Make time to step back from the TV, and make sure to connect with people about things other than just the coronavirus.
 Blessings.   Pastor Juan